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Digital Interactive Displays ( with Advanced Built-in operating systems; no computer)

Solid State Interactive Touch Screens that you can program yourself!
We are truly the experts with this technology. We've been designing, producing and installing solid state advertising displays since the late 1990's. If you are looking for robust systems that will last, we are your source. With installations worldwide, our 5th generation designs will exceed your expectations at affordable costs that will surprise you. We don't just produce hardware, we will support you with software, content and implementation. We work with both end-users and value added resellers. Let us show what we can do for you!
Multi-layer Systems Affordable Single Layer Systems Portable/Compact Systems
Standard in 15", 17" & 19" Standard in 17" Standard in 7" & 10"
Priced at $ 1,495 Priced at $ 995 Priced at $ 495

We make sophisticated technology EASY!

Innovative solid state LCDs that require no computer. We offer more than just are hardware solutions. We can assist you with a complete solution. If needed, we can create your content, program your kiosk and design and implement a total solution for you! Programming costs start as low as $395.00! Most of our displays are also available in Open Frame for OEM and custom display manufacturers.

Our Digital Interactive Displays represent a revolution in retail.  Our Digital Interactive Displays are powered by an advanced compact flash operating system. It requires no computer or attachment of any kind. Different models range from fully interactive touch screen kiosks to simple continuous video players. All these solutions are at a fraction of the cost of traditional computer kiosks. As if that were not enough, our systems will considerably outlast computer or DVD based systems. It's not hard to explain why....they have no moving parts, no motor, no venting, no fan is required, and no hard drive. Call for more details:  (888) 989-1370

OEM and Distributor inquiries are welcome

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