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Our New Amazing 2.8" Full Motion
Video Name Tag Personal Signage
We are the creators of the original "Screen Wraps" which transforms
any large format screen into your own branded display
  Introducing our incredible new wearable personal digital signage....attach to your clothing with the Magnetic Fastener or hang it with a lanyard.  
World's First Battery Powered
Digital Listening Station
We Officially built the World's Largest working Laptop Computer for AOL  First Solid State Digital System in Home Depot Stores
  We introduced the world's first Battery Powered Digital Listening Station now used by nearly every major record label!     Yes....we really built an actual working Laptop Computer with a 16' screen & keys that are controlled by your feet.  Click here for details     Recom was the first to introduce Solid State Interactive Touch Screen Systems in Home Depot  
The Original Video Vest designed
and built by The Recom Group
The Original New Music Listening
Salon for Clear Channel "STAR 98.7"
The first DVD Preview System
in the original Tower Records
  You can see our Video Vests in use in New York, Boston and other Metropolitan areas in the USA     An innovative first....Beauty Salon Chairs with Overhead Sound Domes and personal control units for each user...Click Here     We created the very first DVD Preview System over a decade ago for Tower Records nationwide  

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